UK: Mps Say, “Green Plan To Upgrade Homes Was Botched”

The masterplan to help people upgrade the UK’s homes has been “botched” and must be urgently overhauled, MPs say.

The environmental audit committee says the Green Homes Grant (GHG), which offers people up to £10,000 for insulation, is so inept that it’s damaging the building sector.

It adds that 19 million UK homes are poorly insulated and accuses ministers of “failing to grasp” the challenge.

The government says it’s “committed to going further and faster”.

But the MPs warn that unless urgent action is taken to reinforce the energy efficiency of homes this decade, the UK will fail to satisfy its climate targets.

That is because the UK’s housing stock accounts for 20% of its carbon emissions through heating, predicament, and cooking.

The MPs said the scheme had “only achieved 10% of its target to enhance 600,000 homes in six months”.

It has been rumored that the Treasury wants to scrap the GHG scheme, but the committee says the system must be reformed, not abolished.

And crucially, the MPs insist, the grants need long-term funding so there’s time to make a supply chain of materials and a well-trained workforce.

The government is preparing a Heat and Buildings Strategy and has previously denied wanting to scrap the scheme.

A spokesman for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said over 33,000 GHG vouchers worth quite £142m have already been issued, helping to enhance the energy efficiency of homes.

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