Instagram To Fight Against Inauthentic Likes And Comments

The social network’s representatives concluded that some users make their audience grow artificially with the help of third party apps. Instagram is going to remove inauthentic likes and comments.

It is said on the company’s site that Instagram will remove likes, comments and follows made via third party apps.

The social network developed an update allowing to determine such accounts and to remove results of their activities. The company highlights that third-party apps creating inauthentic likes, comments and follows contravene Instagram’s rules.

A user who gets suspected of making his or her audience grow artificially will get an in-app message about removed activity. In addition, they will be offered to change a password because, as a rule, third-party apps creating inauthentic activity require login and password.

As TechCrunch notes, Instagram used to ban fake accounts earlier, but this is the first time when the company discusses the issue publicly. In addition, the social network notified the users about removal of inauthentic likes against the background of Facebook’s removal of dozens of accounts allegedly connected with Internet Research Agency.

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