Chocolate Labradors Die Younger

Sydney, October, 22nd, FederalPress. Labradors are popular due to advertising, but it is not that simple to take care of them, the experts believe.

As “The Telegraph” reports, chocolate Labradors have more risks and die much sooner than the Labradors with other coat color. Meanwhile, the number of dogs of this breed having this coat color has significantly increased since becoming established in UK in XX century.
Professor of University of Sydney Paul McGreevy noted that the relationships between coat color and disease could reflect an inadvertent consequence of breeding certain pigmentations. In his opinion, the fans of chocolate Labradors stand the hazard: their pets will suffer from obesity, ear infections and arthropathy. This is the conclusion made by the researchers who studied mutation of the gen giving the dog beautiful chocolate color.

As the researchers emphasize, the Labradors having yellow coat color are the most popular at the moment. The scientists believe that the reason of such popularity is influence of advertising which uses these dogs quite often.

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