Alien Invasion In Russian City Ufa

Interesting pictures of an object in the skies over Ufa were re-cently posted online.
An ultra-powerful light beam shone down from what observers described as “a rent in the fabric of the sky”. The light source was far too powerful to be a conventional aircraft, residents who saw the phenomenon said.

Thanks to science fiction movies we all know what a portal into another dimension would look like. It has to be a twisted spot of light shining above us in the dark skies. The Internet community has divided into two groups: skeptics who believed it was a pho-toshopped picture simply because the object looks so much sharper than everything else which makes it look absolutely unre-al and people who believed it to be a natural phenomenon such as a burning of a meteorite or an asteroid.

The good news is everyone agrees that the event (whatever it was) was beautiful and mysterious. It looks like we will have to wait and see what scientists have to say about it since all the theories do not seem to be very creditable. Who knows maybe we will never know the real truth unless people admit that it was a prank.

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